Sunday, October 16, 2011

Planning a Fair Trade Halloween?

Fair Trade minis from
If the horrors of child slavery that riddle the cocoa industry spook you year round, then Halloween must be a truly frightful time of year for you!  You don’t feel right about giving out chocolate involving child labor to little trick-or-treaters, but hiding out in the bedroom on the night of the 31st with all the house lights out  to avoid the situation doesn’t seem much better.

To avoid this dilemma, you might want to take a few pointers from about planning ahead to find Fair Trade candy for those cute little goblins that will be haunting your doorstep in a couple weeks.  YOU STILL HAVE TIME!  They have a few great recommendations.
"Let me start by telling you that the key to a fair trade Halloween is to prepare well in advance. In fact, now is the time. You cannot simply choose at the very last minute to do a fair trade Halloween because you will not find fun-sized chocolate and individually wrapped fair trade candy at a reasonable price.
However, don’t fear. The solution is literally at your fingertips. Shop online at,, or now and place your order in time to have your fair trade Halloween candy for trick or treating or for the fall festival you are planning. Choosing to offer a slave free option at Halloween is a great way to spread awareness about fair trade."

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