Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UPDATE: La Mesa Fair Trade Resolution

During the past few months we have been bringing you news of the ongoing campaign to make La Mesa a Fair Trade Town. The campaign continues and is learning weekly from the process. At the urging of some city council members, perhaps too soon, La Mesa Fair Trade got itself on the agenda for the October 11th city council meeting to vote on passage of a council resolution in support of Fair Trade Town status. Despite strong support from two council members, other city council members were not yet ready to support passage of the resolution.

Fair Trade Proponents at La Mesa City Council Meeting

Even though the vote before the La Mesa City Council did not result in the passage of a Fair Trade Town resolution, La Mesa Fair Trade and Fair Trade San Diego are further energized to continue our efforts of working in partnership with La Mesa City Council to pass a resolution in support of La Mesa being declared a Fair Trade Town as well to continue our broader efforts to raise awareness of the benefits of Fair Trade certified products.

Since October 11th, the La Mesa Fair Trade steering committee has been meeting one on one with La Mesa city council members to further clarify what it means to pass a city resolution in favor of Fair Trade Town status.

In addition, committee members continue to meet with local merchants who currently sell Fair Trade products as well as those who are interested in beginning to do so.  As a result of the city council vote, the campaign received media attention from the East County Magazine, the La Mesa Patch and the Union Tribune. During October, Fair Trade San Diego was able to have a letter to the editor published in all three media outlets so as to let the community know that the efforts to make La Mesa a Fair Trade Town have not slowed.

According to Fair Trade Towns USA, "The Fair Trade Towns designation provides a platform for continued outreach and education to build the Fair Trade movement locally and deepen each community's commitment to international justice". Passing a city council resolution is one of the last stages in the process of becoming a Fair Trade Town and is a recognition of support for organizations such as La Mesa Fair Trade to promote consumption of Fair Trade certified products and educate on their impact. A city council resolution is not an endorsement of any particular local business.

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