Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scotland: A Fair Trade Country!

There's some great Fair Trade news to share! Scotland has become a Fair Trade COUNTRY! Okay, Scotland is admittedly significantly smaller than these United States, but this is still a great accomplishment. 

The Background

Scotland is the second nation to achieve this auspicious status; Wales become the first Fair Trade Country in June 2008. According to the Scottish Fair Trade Forum: 'All Scottish cities have Fairtrade status and 56% of local authority areas in Scotland have Fairtrade status. Ten universities and one college have achieved Fair Trade status, with eight more universities and colleges working towards achieving it.'

And About San Diego County
Did you know that La Mesa is a Fair Trade Town and that the University of California San Diego was the second Fair Trade University in the United States and the first in California.  The University of San Diego is also a Fair Trade University.  And I have heard that San Diego State and Point Loma Nazerene are working on becoming Fair Trade Universities. 

There are a lot of cities in San Diego County and a few more colleges too but couldn't we become a Fair Trade County!?! It's a pretty cool idea and it would take a lot of time to accomplish it but still I like the idea of it.  So let's get cracking everyone!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Howdy fellow friends of fair trade. I'm Dawn and I'm your Fair Trade San Diego blogger. I'm new to blogging but I've loved writing since I was a kid. I'm passionate about fair trade in general and the movement in particular.  I know fair trade isn't perfect, nothing is, but I believe in its principles and stand behind its cause. San Diego is my home but a bit of my heart still dwells in the Midwest where I grew up. I'm married to a nice Midwestern boy and I adore my two pups but I'm head over heels in love with my one year old son Declan, he's just precious!

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey and I look forward to many more posts ahead!

Have a happy fair trade day.

Friday, February 22, 2013

End Modern Slavery!

This week, Lincoln is up for an Academy Award because he moved Congress to act on slavery. We know there are more slaves today than at any other time in history, but Congress isn’t stepping up. We’re celebrating an ideal we’re not living up to. In fact, we spend more on the war on drugs in ONE week than we have fighting slavery over the past TEN years. 

#ImWithLincoln is a campaign to ask our Senators to make freedom a priority by doubling annual funding spent to address this crime. This isn’t about more spending; it’s about better spending.

We made this video to give Americans an understanding of the issue and to connect us all to one of our most cherished ideals: Freedom. Please share it far and wide, visit, and tell Congress you’re with Lincoln and they should be, too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fair Trade Fashion is Quite Fashionable!

 Blogger October Rebel creates a beautiful look with Mata Trader's Edie Dress.

Have you been paying attention to fashion week? It was in New York last week and now we head to London for fall's fabulous frocks. To be honest I only partially pay attention, getting all of my information from the New York Times Fashion section's feed on my personal instagram account.  I love seeing the beautiful clothing.  It is fun and exciting to think about new clothes, new outfits and wonderful new places to wear all of what I am devouring with my eyes. Of course, this makes me think about fair trade fashion as well!

When I first learned about fair trade years ago in college I recall there being very few fashion items to choose from.  But I am so happy to say that things have changed.  Fair Trade clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes abound.

 Sseko sandals can be found on Seven Hopes United's website. While you are there check out their other great fashion items.

Fashioning Change has a great "Where This, Not That" campaign.  Some of there clothing is fair trade but all of it what they feature as what to wear is definitely ethically made.  I would love to see all clothing labeled fair trade but knowing items are ethically made is so very important too!

 Check out these other sites selling Fair Trade Fashion:

These are just a few of your fair trade fashion options. Google fair trade clothing and see all of the places carrying fair trade fashion that you will find! 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Fabulous Fair Trade Happy Hour!

For about a year now Fair Trade San Diego has been hosting Fair Trade Happy Hours around the city of San Diego.  Yesterday, February 13th, we had one at Rebecca's Coffee House in South Park.  The turn out was great and the atmosphere was so much fun! Rebecca's was so generous with their delicious, complementary, spread of food and of course their drinks are great too.  I personally had Fair Trade hazelnut coffee provided by Cafe Moto.

Another fun part about the Fair Trade Happy Hours are all the opportunities to meet others in the community who care about Fair Trade! Folks from the University of San Diego, San Diego State University, La Mesa Fair Trade Towns, Fair Trade Decor in Del Mar and many others showed up to share food, drink ad merriment last night.

 Items from Fair Trade Decor

We haven't decided the spot for our next Happy Hour but when we do we will let all of you know and we really hope that you can join us!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Fair Trade Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Perhaps you are looking for some last Valentine's Day gifts to get your loved ones.  Though there are a lot of wonderful fair trade gifts online that would make nice presents, it may be too late to buy online.  If that is the case then perhaps pick up something locally.  

Fair Trade Chocolate - You can find fair trade Chocolates at Open Door Books in Pacific Beach (4761 Cass Street, San Diego 92109) and at Ocean Beach People's Coop (4765 Voltaire Street, San Diego 92107).
Fair Trade Flowers - San Diego Rose Company sells fair trade roses! Click the link or call San Diego Rose Company at 858.273.5902 to learn how you can send flowers on Valentine's Day.  

Fair Trade Wine - Several Sprouts and Whole Foods locations sell fair trade wine.  While you are Sprouts or Whole Foods picking up wine for your favorite someone you can even pick up some groceries and make him or her a meal to go along with the wine.  Maybe some fair trade quinoa and locally grown veggies? Just a thought!

Fair Trade Gifts - Around the World Gifts in Old Town (2611 Congress Street, San Diego 92110) and Bazaar del Mundo (4133 Taylor Street, San Diego 92110) also in Old Town have a wide variety of fair trade gifts that you can pick from.  There's jewelry, bags, baskets, what beautiful fair trade item might you find at one of this spots?

These are just a few of our last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas. We hope that these suggestions help. And have a very Happy Valentine's Day!