Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scotland: A Fair Trade Country!

There's some great Fair Trade news to share! Scotland has become a Fair Trade COUNTRY! Okay, Scotland is admittedly significantly smaller than these United States, but this is still a great accomplishment. 

The Background

Scotland is the second nation to achieve this auspicious status; Wales become the first Fair Trade Country in June 2008. According to the Scottish Fair Trade Forum: 'All Scottish cities have Fairtrade status and 56% of local authority areas in Scotland have Fairtrade status. Ten universities and one college have achieved Fair Trade status, with eight more universities and colleges working towards achieving it.'

And About San Diego County
Did you know that La Mesa is a Fair Trade Town and that the University of California San Diego was the second Fair Trade University in the United States and the first in California.  The University of San Diego is also a Fair Trade University.  And I have heard that San Diego State and Point Loma Nazerene are working on becoming Fair Trade Universities. 

There are a lot of cities in San Diego County and a few more colleges too but couldn't we become a Fair Trade County!?! It's a pretty cool idea and it would take a lot of time to accomplish it but still I like the idea of it.  So let's get cracking everyone!


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