Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fair Trade Fashion is Quite Fashionable!

 Blogger October Rebel creates a beautiful look with Mata Trader's Edie Dress.

Have you been paying attention to fashion week? It was in New York last week and now we head to London for fall's fabulous frocks. To be honest I only partially pay attention, getting all of my information from the New York Times Fashion section's feed on my personal instagram account.  I love seeing the beautiful clothing.  It is fun and exciting to think about new clothes, new outfits and wonderful new places to wear all of what I am devouring with my eyes. Of course, this makes me think about fair trade fashion as well!

When I first learned about fair trade years ago in college I recall there being very few fashion items to choose from.  But I am so happy to say that things have changed.  Fair Trade clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes abound.

 Sseko sandals can be found on Seven Hopes United's website. While you are there check out their other great fashion items.

Fashioning Change has a great "Where This, Not That" campaign.  Some of there clothing is fair trade but all of it what they feature as what to wear is definitely ethically made.  I would love to see all clothing labeled fair trade but knowing items are ethically made is so very important too!

 Check out these other sites selling Fair Trade Fashion:

These are just a few of your fair trade fashion options. Google fair trade clothing and see all of the places carrying fair trade fashion that you will find! 


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