Saturday, April 28, 2018

Celebrating World Fair Trade Day in San Diego

Celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2018

Friday, May 11 5-7pm

"Meet and Greet"

All Are Invited!  

Fair Trade Advocates,
Here is an opportunity to celebrate Fair Trade and to meet Jacyln Vogel a new and enthusiastic member of San Diego Fair Trade County.  Jacyln is planning to work toward having San Diego declared as a "Fair Trade Town".  This is a huge endeavor and we will need widespread participation and support.  Official declaration is something we have discussed for some years.  Now we are hoping it can happen.  Jacyln's biography follows.  We are happy to have her on board.  - San Diego Fair Trade County

Jaclyn Vogel is a Masters student pursuing her degree in Conservation Education, and is an intern at the Port of San Diego on the Energy and Sustainability Team. Originally from Long Island, N.Y., Jaclyn relocated to San Diego five years ago.
Jaclyn is excited to announce that she is pursuing the establishment of the City of San Diego as an official Fair Trade Town. Fair trade aligns well with Jaclyn’s thesis, which is centered around conscious consumerism. Jaclyn recognizes that humanity’s consumption is responsible for the degradation of natural resources and the maltreatment of marginalized communities. These are why she is passionate about educating consumers in developed nations on how to be more sustainable in their consumption behavior. Fair trade provides a prominent platform to effectively engage consumers in sustainability, and the Fair Trade Town: San Diego campaign will hopefully encourage consumers in the region to select fair trade products first and foremost.

At this time, Jaclyn is still in the planning phase for the campaign, and hopes to organize an initiation meeting within the next month. If you are interested in participating in the campaign, please follow this link to register and Jaclyn will reach out to you regarding next steps soon.
Celebrating World Fair Trade Event Ideas!
Looking for ideas for World Fair Trade Day? Check out WFTD 2018 here. Do you have an event to share? Let us know and we will get the word out. 
Join Fair Trade partner, Threads Worldwide on WFTD on May 12th at the 2018 Recycled Art & Fashion Show. Event will be held at 6:30pm at the Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Discovering Brew Coffee Spot in La Mesa!

6101 Lake Murray Blvd. La Mesa

A few members of the La Mesa Fair Trade committee stopped by to enjoy Brew Coffee Spot's Fair Trade coffee and the ambiance of this popular cafe.  Brew Coffee Spot uses organic coffee beans sourced from San Diego’s CafĂ© Virtuoso.   The morning we stopped by, the cafe was busy the entire time. It was a pleasure to meet one of the owners, Ralf Wilkowski and learn that their priority is serving excellent coffee and food that has been ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.  The coffee, tea and panini sandwich was excellent.  Hope you stop by!

 Read more about Brew Coffee Spot in the La Mesa Courier
Visit the website: Brew Coffee Spot

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fair Trade Decor moves to Coronado


Fair Trade Decor is San Diego's first "brick and mortar" store that is certified Fair Trade through Fair Trade Federation. Originally located in Del Mar, Jude and Elizabeth Paganelli moved their store after 5 years to its current location in Coronado.  They also relocated!  Jude and Betsy are now able to walk to the store.  The Coronado community have welcomed them and sales have gone up since their move.  There is not one thing that shoppers would not like in this beautifully displayed, shopping paradise for your home or for gifts.  Shop Fair Trade at 828 Orange Ave in Coronado!

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The Coronado Times had the pleasure of talking with Fair Trade Home Decor owners Elizabeth and Jude Paganelli, to discuss the history of the business and their new location on Orange Avenue. Learn how their business is touching lives all around the world.