Thursday, October 6, 2011

LISTEN UP! Coffee as a Virtue podcast

To celebrate Fair Trade month, an enlightening and genuine conversation with Stephan von Kolkow and Laurie Britton of Café Virtuoso is featured on The Common Good podcast with host Lee Van Ham!  The co-owners of this organic and fair trade coffee company in San Diego discuss how Fair Trade looks to them as businesspeople with a bottom line to mind.

Stephen and Laurie each give personal accounts of how they started Cafe Virtuoso, how they educate customers on the products, the pros and cons of Fair Trade’s certification and the trends in the industry.

It turns out to be a bit more expensive, yes, but it was hard to turn down since their experience at farmer’s markets taught them that individual customers were asking more and more for Fair Trade product. Seeing the demand, they in turn led the way with their wholesale customers, a victory for Fair Trade as more and more vendors will be moving FT product at an increasing scale that bodes well for FT to be a sustainable model.

Listen to free podcast here: Episode 18: Coffee as a Virtue

The Common Good postcasts, a project of Jubilee Economic Ministries, profile aspects of sustainable economic practices that move us toward a model that is in compliance with Earth’s abundance.

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Ed Lucas said...

So everyone knows, there will be more during the month of October that features an on-site tour of the shop at Cafe Virtoso. Steve and Laurie will be narrating a slideshow that will be released in a few parts for the remaining weeks of October. Cool beans, if I might say so myself!

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