Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Fair Trade Bike Ride

Day 29, Bay Area Fair Trade

Back in July, Fair Trade San Diego received word of a biker dedicated to fair trade who was making his way down the coast from Vancouver, British Columbia.  While we weren’t able to meet up with Kieran during his time in San Diego, we wanted to be sure and share his message with all of you.  Below is a message from Kieran.  Keep in mind that this message is over a month old.  He has since traveled over 3,400 miles and is now in Mexico en route to Chile!

What I'm doing is a personal initiative after being involved with Fair Trade Vancouver for the last 18 months I wanted to get some more in-depth knowledge of Fair Trade and how it's helping/affecting the actual producers. I have wanted to take time to travel and enjoy cycling so I put all of that together as inspiration for my trip. I'd love to get sponsorship/backing from interested groups but that's a bonus really.

In Vancouver I can see how the efforts of the group can pay off with increased sales/awareness of FT within the city, but finding out more for myself and hopefully then spreading that knowledge when I'm back is my minimum goal.

So far I've made it all the way from Vancouver [to Southern California], taking about 6 weeks to do 2,000 miles or so. To Santiago I'll probably do another 6.000 miles at least, depending on routes. So far I've had Fair Trade visits to Thanksgiving Coffee in Fort Bragg, FT USA and Alter Eco but it's likely I won't have much now until southern Mexico, but plenty of opportunities after that.

To learn more about Kieran’s ride and to read about what he has learned along the way visit his blog at

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