Friday, April 15, 2011

Maya Vinic – A Fair Trade Coffee Co-op in Chiapas

The University of San Diego and Catholic Relief Services (Mexico) have committed to an ongoing relationship with Maya Vinic, a fair trade coffee co-op in Chiapas, Mexico. This opportunity and process has been a unique journey for USD and CRS as partners for the purpose of educating university students and in creating a relationship built on the intention of solidarity with a specific fair trade coffee cooperative. 

Most recent developments will be the arrival of a cooperative member and CRS Mexico staff to San Diego on April 25th. USD, with the support of CRS West, have organized a cupping event through the gracious hosting of Cafe Virtuoso to explore the possibilities to diversify the market for Maya Vinic and to discuss the realities of trade and sales for fair trade cooperatives with local roasters and coffee shop owners. The trip will culminate with a presentation on the campus of USD given by the co-op member and CRS staff on April 26th at 6:30 pm in the University Center. All are welcome to attend.
For any info or questions, please email or visit Fair Trade San Diego on our Facebook page.


Dan, Angelica & Jacob said...

I was just checking the website to post something about my day's visit to Mayavinic and saw this post. We talked about their rep., Antonio Ruiz, who will be doing a CA tour after Easter and would be great to have him visit JEM. Mayavinic now is almost doing a million dollars worth of business exporting to Canada, US, Switzerland, Japan and honey to Belgium. They also have an ecological center across from their warehouse in the mountains to train their associates in organic farming and experiment with new kinds of seeds. It was great to hook up again with them and hope JEM might be able to be their voice in the US once again.

Ed said...

We just posted Dan's essay on this at Jubilee Economics.