Friday, April 1, 2011

Hershey announces it will go 100% Fair Trade by 2012!


Hersey has not gone fair trade, let alone 100% fair trade…yet! can help make this dream a reality by supporting the Raise the Bar campaign to make Hersey fair trade!  There are many great ways that you can participate in and promote this very important campaign.  

Visit and click on ‘Take Action’ to learn what you can do to send the message to Hersey that you would like all of its chocolate to be fair trade.

According to the Raise the Bar campaign, Hersey chocolate accounts for 42.5% of the US market and countless people work for Hersey in abysmal conditions. Just imagine! If Hersey begins implementing fair trade principles innumerable people would see better working conditions and pay.

Thanks for being a good sport!  Now, will you please play this little prank on your friends and followers?

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Anne Oozman said...

Glad to hear this. I'm really craving for Hershey's since I was a child. This campaign is great. Good idea. I have also known fair trade goods
and it offers great prices too.