Sunday, February 2, 2014

February  - Bringing Fair Trade to the table!

Fair Trade San Diego County  brings to you an invitation to explore what a 10 year old girl did to make a difference in human trafficking.  An exclusive preview at a location in San Diego tells the story of what one person can do to make a difference.  Please check out the are limited. Note the clip with Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA.

February 6 - San Diego, CA - Attend San Diego Premiere

Limit your carbon foot print and buy local flowers....
but if the significant "other"
is thinking roses consider Fair Trade!

Fair Trade Flowers - 
Why it Matters Green America 
 Fair Trade flower certification ensures that farms comply with rigorous environmental standards governing the use of pesticides, conservation of water, treatment of wastewater, protection of ecosystems and more. 

 Valentines Day and Fair Trade Chocolate!

How can anyone go wrong with Fair Trade chocolates? No pesticides, no child abuses, people were paid fairly.   A gift that gives more than twice.   Pass it along this Valentine's Day.  Look for the Fair Trade label!  You may be rewarded more than you ever thought possible!  Fair Trade chocolate can be found at Cost Plus World Market in La Mesa, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Eclipse Chocolates.

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