Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oktoberfest Fair Trade 

Gift Faire was a success!

The Purpose (Around the World Gifts)
Cafe Virtuoso
It was a great event in La Mesa! on October 13th!  Over 400 people shopped for Fair Trade products at the Oktoberfest Fair Trade Gift Faire.  We thank Rigo of Cafe Virtuoso, Ephraim from Ben & Jerry's, Jeanne from Cool Beans Chocolate, Torrey & Chase of Cafe Moto, Sharry from Dr. Bronners, Lucia from Malia Designs, Antoine from VavaVida, Jude from Fair Trade Decor, Evangley from Around the World Gifts and more.  Fair Trade samples of honey sticks, bubble gum, sugar and more were up for grabs! It is exciting to see SDSU coming on board with Fair Trade and "tableing" at this event.  Check out Fair Trade SDSU, to continue the momentum of a Fair Trade campus.
Cool Beans Chocolate

Malia Designs
Also available were Fair Trade soda from Maine Root and Runa Iced Teas.  As you are "out and about" in San Diego, please  check out our local Fair Trade vendors.  They make a difference and choose "the higher road".  Products are not sourced from China, there is no middle man.  Just by a simple choice of choosing a Fair Trade coffee or tea each day,  you make a difference for a farmer or artisan and their family across the world.  Think about it.  Your dollar counts! 

Dr. Bronners

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