Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the World Gifts: An All Fair Trade Vendor in San Diego!

Around the World Gifts owner, Evangely Aliangan, first learned about fair trade nearly four years ago through Catholic Relief Services.  Since her early college days, she had the dream to, one day, start a business.  While working with people and helping others has been such a part of her life, it had to be a crucial component of the type of business.  The goal was to start a small retail business just in time for the 2010 holiday season.  After countless hours of searching the web, browsing through library books, and engaging in conversations with friends and family, the business idea was developed.  It actually came in the middle of the night – almost in a dream!  And so it was…an all fair trade gift shop was soon to open in San Diego! 

The excitement was such that many late nights of research followed.  Finally, the location was leased, merchandise was ordered, a marketing strategy was lined up and the learning and exciting experience was started!  Being at Horton Plaza and being able to share the “good news” of fair trade, has been a rewarding experience.  Two months and the holiday rush have gone by and, like the New Year, new ideas are growing.  Around the World Gifts will try to remain at Horton Plaza while focusing on web sales and farmers’ markets and special events.  If the mountain won’t come to you….Around the World Gifts must come to you!

Please visit Around the World Gifts at Horton Plaza Mall in downtown San Diego, or visit our web site:
  This is another great way to support fair trade in San Diego.

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