Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reverse Trick or Treating

This was St. Martin of Tours School second year to participate in reverse trick or treating and the boys were very comfortable "reversing the treat," explaining the plight of third world cocoa farmers, and encouraging people to look for the fair trade symbol on chocolate they may purchase in the future. Before we went out, each of the five boys in our group took a stack of cards with chocolates attached and put them in their treat sacks. The only instructions were that they take turns reversing the treat whenever they felt they were ready. Whoever presented the treat did all the talking, but each of the boys chimed in to answer questions or help with a forgotten detail. They began always by saying, "Thank you for this treat, now we have one for you." Neighbors were charmed by this approach. They listened politely, asked questions, and congratulated the boys for the way they handled themselves. Everyone wanted to know what school they attended and the boys shouted in unison, "St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa!"

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